Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) in Ireland


A site-specific Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is required in accordance with the OPW document “The Planning System and Flood Risk Management” when the local authority considers there is a risk of flooding. Planning authorities require a site specific Flood Risk Assessment and they will ensure that development is not permitted in areas of flood risk, particularly floodplains, except where the proposed development passes the sequential approach and, if necessary, a justification test.

Flood Risk Consulting offers three levels of FRA to satisfy the sequential approach and justification test and can advise which is most appropriate for your development:

FRA Level 1

Flood Risk Identification

Assess any watercourse flooding or surface water issues which may require further investigation or confirm that the site is at low risk of flooding from all sources.

FRA Level 2

Initial Flood Risk Assessment

Building on a Level 1 report, this report will appraise both flood risk at the site and the potential impacts of the proposed development on flooding elsewhere.

FRA Level 3

Detailed Flood Risk Assessment

A Level 3 report is only undertaken if the previous stages determine the need for detailed analysis of the flood risk issues at the proposed development. A Level 3 FRA report may include hydraulic modelling of adjacent watercourses and consideration of proposed surface water drainage arrangements at the developed site.


We will provide you with a lump sum quotation for the appropriate level FRA, with no nasty add-ons. Our FRA will be tailored to your project and will be proportionate to the scale and nature of the proposed development and the risks involved. We will prepare a specification for a topographical survey if necessary, assess the site for fluvial, pluvial and historic flooding and undertake mathematical modelling of the relevant watercourses if required to optimise the area of the site that can be developed. We have produced countless FRAs over the years and our expertise combined with software that most of our competitors do not have will ensure that we will maximise the area of the site that can be developed.


We have the expertise to provide compensatory storage measures acceptable to OPW for sites that are both partially and fully within the predicted floodplain. Where necessary, our fee will also include a preliminary design of the storm drainage system in accordance with the SuDS Manual and specifically suited to your site.


Finally, we are one of only a few consultancies with the expertise to successfully conduct Coastal Flood Risk Assessments, thus ensuring that you do not need to be over conservative in your design of road and finished levels within the development.


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